Creepy Pests

Cockroach Control


Is your home infested with cockroaches? HELP is here!

When you find one cockroach there are more infesting your home:

The infestation needs to be controlled and then a program put in place to keep them out for up to 12 months.

How the Cockroach Control & Protection program works

  1. Your Local Professional Technician conducts an assessment of your home
  2. Then design & install a complete control & protection zone; including: Dust in the roof void, gel bait in ‘wet’ areas and a knock down residual chemical active perimeter spray.

Protection Warranty


SpidersSpiders can use trees and plants touching your home as a bridge to get into your home. Regular spider treatments, at least yearly, will keep spiders from establishing their numbers.

Rodent Control

RodentsRats and mice are a common pest. Apart from being creepy they can pose a problem for home owners.

Rodents can get into and contaminate your food nest in wall or roof spaces and gnaw (chew) on electrical wires or plastic water pipes.

Rodents are unhealthy residents leaving 100’s of dropping per day.

Take control and have them eliminated before they get established.


FleasFlea control requires a managed approach. A flea control program can take up to 8 weeks to have the whole cycle and infestation eradicated.

The chemicals used take effect when the fleas hatch and this happens as nature has designed it – over time.

Your local professional technician will be able to explain the process so that you understand what to expect after your home is treated.

Flying Insects