Ant Control

Is your home being overrun by Ants? HELP is here!

Ants can be a real nuisance, especially when they establish a nest in your home. Ants are resourceful & can seem to never give up invading places within your home regardless of what you’ve thrown at them.

Ants have even challenged the best professional pest manager; however we have developed a systematic program that has proven successful with even the most persistent species. How the Ant Control & Protection program works

  1. Your Local Professional Technician conducts an Ant assessment of your home
  2. Then design & install a complete Ant Protection zone and bait the active ants he can find. The focus is to eliminate nests and breeding the queen/s.
  3. Ant numbers will reduce over a two week period and you should have no ants within a month.
  4. In some cases Your Local Professional Technician may recommend a retreatment program depending on the ant species, the pressure on your building or the building design.

Ant Control Warranty

Ant Protection Warranty

For your peace of mind, most Ant Control & Protection programs come with a warranty

You can expect the following results from a SmartGuard Ant Control & Protection program

1. Ant numbers will reduce over a two week period and you should have no ants within a month

2. Depending on your home design, yard conditions, conducive conditions, ant species or size of established colonies your technician can offer you a Spot treatment only or a 3, 6 or 9 month SmartGuard. Warranty.

3. Your home will always have pressure from pests trying to get in. Quarterly, 6 monthly or annual pest treatments have proven results that you will always be in control and guard your home against ants establishing their colonies. Your Local Professional Technician can best advise you on the right Ant Control & Protection program for your home.

SmartGuard Warranty

  • Once you have implemented your SmartGuard Ant Control program and you still have pressure from ants within your warranty period we’ll keep coming back until they don’t.
  • Peace of mind money back guarantee – if you are still not satisfied after 30 days we’ll refund you your SmartGuard Ant Control treatment.


Ant Protection

Keeping ants out of your home will require the efforts of both you and your Local Professional Technician.

For best results please refer to the SmartGuard Ant Control & Protection Program PDF.

Ant Baits

We are all trained by the t.v. adverts to spray ants and other insects with aerosol. While this will kill the ants you see it usually does not control the problem and that is the queen/s in the nest/s that are delivering more worker ants all the time.

Fortunately most common ants can be controlled with ant baits that are designed to control the colony and are low toxic to people and pets.

Using baits requires patience, persistence and the will power not to give up and use the aerosol.

The idea is to encourage foraging ants to consume the bait, take the slow working active back to the nest and infect the colony. It is just a matter of time and the colony will collapse.

For more information give us a call.

Ant Chemical Active

Many of the traditional chemicals used to control insects will kill ants; however ant control requires more thought than treating for cockroaches and spiders. Killing the few ants you see does not always stop them coming.

The strategy with ants is to use chemicals where the active will be carried back to the nest by foraging ants. Yes you want to use the worker ants to infect their own nest.

This process required patience but the modern day chemicals deliver proven results.